The Archives holds a large collection of New London family records, letters, scrapbooks, obituaries, and genealogies.

Family Records Collection

The Family Records Collection contains separate files on the following New London families (in addition to those held in commingled files):

Adams, Allen, Andrews, Atkins, Austin
Bailey, Ballin, Barrett, Barton, Beall, Bemis, Bent, Benton, Best, Bewley, Bickford, Bloch, Boyden, Bradford, Brocklebank, Brown, Bucklin, Buker, Bunker, Burpee, Butler
Chadwick, Chattellier, Clark, Clarke, Clement, Clements, Cleveland, Clough, Catino, Cochran, Colburn, Colby, Cooper, Converse, Countaway, Cox, Cram, Cricenti, Crockett, Cross, Cummings, Currier, Curtis, Curtiss, Cutting, Cushing
Davis, Dean, DePaola, Dewey, DiClerico, Dorley, Dow, Duffett, Dunlop
Edmunds, Elkins, Everett
Fales, Fisher, Fletcher, Foley, French
Gage, Granger, Gay, Goings, Greenaway, Greenwood, Griffin
Haddad, Hanslin, Hammond, Hanaford, Harris, Harrison, Harvey, Hastings, Heath, Hayes, Hayward, Herrick, Hill, Hobbs, Homan, Hughes, Hunter, Hunting, Hutchins
Jacobson, Jewett
Kidder, Kiernan, Kimes, Knight, Knowlton
Lamson, Lauridsen, Leger, Little, Littlefield, London, Lord, Lorden, Lovely, Lovering, Lower, Lull
MacFarland, MacKenna, MacMichael, Magquire, Manahan, Mann, March, Marston, Marshall, McCutchins, McSwiney, Meader, Mendelson, Messer, Moreland, Morgan, Morrill, Muller
Nichols, Norris, Nudd
Page, Peabody, Perkins, Philbrick, Phillips, Pike, Pingree, Pontz, Prescott, Prew, Putney
Quackenbos, Quimby
Ray, Reney, Rhodes, Rich, Robbins, Roberts, Rodgers, Rollins, Roos
Sarazen, Sargent, Sawyer, Seamans, Seybold, Sheer, Shepard, Sholes, Sill, Skow, Slack, Sladen, Smith, Spaulding, Spiller, Spofford, Squires, Stecker, Stanley, Stibitz, Stinson, Swett, Swift
Taylor, Thurston, Todd, Trussell, Tunis
Welch, Wheeler, Whipple, Whittemore, Wickham, Wiley, Williams, Woodbury, Woodman, Woodward

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