Donor Information

The collections preserved in the New London Archives document the history of the town of New London, New Hampshire. Items include memorabilia, public records, documents, photographs, maps, posters, and other significant materials. They are available for public use and research only at the Archives.

Gifts are to be used in the best interest of the New London Archives, and donated items become the property of the New London Archives, which periodically reevaluates its collection—sometimes removing items due to duplication, irrelevance, limited use, or deterioration. These will be returned to the original donor if requested, or transferred to other archives whenever possible.

Donations may be tax deductible. However, the New London Archives cannot appraise donations for tax purposes. Appraisals should be made by a professional appraiser before the material is given to the Archives. 

(See a sample Donor Agreement.)

[Adapted from Collection Policy and Donor Information, University of Missouri]

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