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From A to Z, New London's Town Archives Committee collects things no one needs today but might want tomorrow. Well, we don’t really collect x-rays, nor, it seems, anything else beginning with the letter X. But the collection is quite large—certainly tens of thousands items. During 2010 we moved every book and box, shelving by broad categories in order to satisfy our dual and often competing goals of safe storage and ready access.

With the help of volunteers, we have also expanded our digital collection. Arthur Hall handled thousands of 35mm slides, while Rick Anderson coordinated the conversion of aging, nearly obsolete, microfilm. For a second year, we hosted Colby-Sawyer students in Prof. Brian Clancy's Local Time class. Researchers using our collection were assisted by Doris Cutter, Nancy Dutton, Connie Reece, and Arrolyn Vernon. Also overseeing the Archives have been committee members Vern Barrett, Debbie Hall, Howard Hoke, Bob MacMichael, Peg Moreland, and Lindsay White.

Last summer we renewed the contributions of past volunteers by creating an oral history database that enables very fast searching across thousands of pages of scanned text. The earliest interviews date back almost 50 years. Barbara Stearns, Frank Hammond, Debbie Stanley, Barbara Bloch and others recorded conversations with townspeople; the recordings were transcribed by Yah Maguire, Irene Nelson, and Hope Howard, among others. By scanning, we have not only preserved but enhanced their untold hours of work.

Thanks also to all who have donated items to the Archives over the past year. If you have personal, business, or organization ephemera relating to the town of New London, please consider depositing them at the Archives for future use. We store materials in a secure, climate-controlled environment and can make digital copies for you to keep or share with family members.

Information about the purpose, policies, and resources of the Archives is available at www.nlarchives.org.

Respectfully submitted,

James M. Perkins
Town Archives Committee / December 2010

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