The Town Archives Committee is responsible for the collection, use and maintenance of New London's historical record. Located in the Old Academy building, the Archives holds documents, images, and other ephemera in a secure, climate-controlled space.

Some of our oldest volumes have aged over 200 years and can no longer withstand repeated handling, so we have been creating digital versions of the materials we consider most fragile. We have scanned or photographed many thousands of pages. Among them are: town clerk and selectmen’s records (1779–1850), town reports (1847–present), photographs (1870s–present), maps (1773–present), oral history transcripts (1950–2000), scrapbooks (1911–1985), vital statistics (1770–present), cemetery records (1770–1965). Also scanned and searchable are all published histories related to the town, church, hospital, and college. Whether a question relates to town government, families, institutions, or events, we can often find answers without handling original documents. In 2012 we fielded over fifty such research inquiries by e-mail; another fifteen were posed by visitors to the Archives.

We were also pleased to work with the Historical Society on a second Main Street walking tour, presented in mid-September. This entailed creating chronologies for each structure along Main Street between Pleasant Street and Newport Road. We enlisted the aid of many long-time residents who helped us identify and date photographs taken during the 20th century. One tangible result of the effort is a Wikipedia-style website developed to make public all of this information; over time we plan to widen its scope to cover other sections of New London.

Thanks to a dozen generous donors we continued to expand our holdings in 2012 — adding breadth and depth to an already remarkable collection. Archives Committee members and volunteers have been equally generous in contributing their time and skills to the task of organizing and cataloging materials. Few towns in New Hampshire can offer researchers such a complete, accessible, and well documented account of local history. Please visit www.NLArchives.org to learn more about this resource.

Respectfully submitted,

James M. Perkins

December 2012

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