The New London Town Archives preserves municipal records and manuscript materials documenting the history of New London, New Hampshire. Its mission is to collect materials related to the government, landscape, events, and people of New London; to preserve, organize, and provide access to the collection; to compile and publish town histories; and to assist in preserving the town’s historical resources.

The archival collection continues to grow through new donations. Over the past year we have accepted a dozen gifts containing over a thousand individual items—from portrait paintings, photographs, and postcards to school newspapers, family genealogies, and club records. We especially thank those who have entrusted their family stories to the Archives so that their children and grandchildren and those who follow will always have a place to learn about their ancestors and the place they called home.

We often share materials and research in the form of public presentations, and 2015 was particularly busy. Presentations on the architecture of Whipple Memorial Town Hall and the legacy of the Whipple Family in New London coincided with the listing of Whipple Hall on New Hampshire’s Register of Historic Places. Talks on the history of scythe-making in New Hampshire and on the Harvey’s Mill Controversy highlighted the town’s 19th century water-powered industry. A brief history of the Colby-Colgate-Cleveland Family was given at the annual meeting of the Boy’s Club (held at the Cleveland’s “Barnview”), a video presentation on the life and artwork of Bud Lauridsen was created for the New London Historical Society, and an illustrated talk on the Brocklebank Hotel was presented to Hilltop Place residents.

Our log book for 2015 shows 30 visitors to the Archives, and another 35 people submitted questions and research requests by e-mail from the U.S., New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Poland. Volunteers logged nearly 515 hours processing new acquisitions, answering research questions, and completing other projects. Members of the Town Archives Committee, appointed by the Selectmen, are: Verne Barrett, Nancy Dutton, Ginny Foose, Deb Hall, Will Kidder, Laurie Lauridsen, Tom Little, Lloyd Littlefield, Jim Perkins, Maureen Prohl, Connie Reece, and Linda Miller. Now missing from that list is Charlie Whittemore; we lost a friend and resource, always willing to share his knowledge of the town’s houses, barns, and buildings.

Through an active network of institutions we seek education and advice about archival practice and related topics. Over the past year this network has included the Boston Athenaeum, Dartmouth College libraries, Historic New England, New England Archivists, New Hampshire Archives Group, New Hampshire Preservation Alliance, and New Hampshire State Archives.

To learn more about the Town Archives, please stop by the Old Academy on any Wednesday morning or visit www.NLarchives.org.

Respectfully submitted,

James M. Perkins
December 31,  2015

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