The Archives of New London, New Hampshire.


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New London’s Archives collects and preserves letters, memoirs, oral histories, newspapers, records, photographs, and other materials needed to document the ongoing history of the town. The Archives is staffed by volunteers, with oversight by the Town History & Archives Committee.

Today's collection reflects over a century of generosity and care. In 1910, descendants of Rev. Job Seamans (1748–1830) entrusted his papers to the town library, and in 1915 librarian Emma Bartlett reported that "a safe has been purchased so that rare and valuable documents ... may be carefully preserved." Decades earlier the town had purchased another safe for its official records from 1779 onwards. In 1975, both the town records and historical manuscript collections were placed in care of the Town History & Archives Committee and later relocated to archival storage space within the Town Offices.

The committee  expanded the collection, coordinated the installation of roadside markers, commemorated anniversaries, twice moved into new facilities, and published town histories covering both halves of the 20th century. And the work continues. Even as new information is added each week, existing images and records are being converted into digital format—providing greater security and access to this extensive collection used by local historians, family genealogists, and town planners.

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